Kaveree Bamzai

A humanitarian, a journalist and a true human being full of values and morals. She is an independent journalist. She was the first, and so far, only woman editor of India Today, where she was employed till January 2019. A recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, she has worked in The Times of India and The Indian Express before this. Not only a perfectionist at profession, but she is also a loving mother.

Professor Cedric Sepres

Film maker, music artist, innovator, designer, theatre artist, MS communicator and assistant professor are but a few titles to introduce him. A man who possesses endless talent and art within himself: a true role model of a perfect human being. He is a renowned advertisement manager in India and South- East Asia, and has gained perfection in his field with a work experience of 22 years.

Shania Pahuja

Shania Pahuja is an IBDP year 2 student achieving heights at such a young age. She has not only represented her school but also the country for a cultural integration and youth leadership programme in Singapore. She has tried to excel at almost everything that she does and has even represented her school for a reputable science event in Singapore. Shania is also actively involved in NGOs such as “Down to Earth” and has even volunteered in “Habitat for Humanity” twice. Shania also indulges in performing arts such as theatre and music. She has taken numerous exams for Trinity College and the London Academy of music and dramatic arts. Her achievements leave everyone stunned and one must truly look up to her ability to strive for excellence at each and every thing she does.

Manya Gupta

From engaging in social service to delivering eloquent debates, Manya Gupta seems to embody it all. She has represented the Indian team in the World’s Schools Debating Championships two years in a row. Currently, she holds the position of the sixth-best ESL speaker and the 14th best open speaker in the world. Her contributions in putting together a group of volunteers have significantly helped Nischay(NGO) in expanding its effectivity in terms of education. As someone yearning to pursue a career in global health, Manya has achieved a plethora of accolades. She has written a research paper on legalized commercial surrogacy and has even interned under a psychiatrist. It is Manya’s ambition complimented by the perseverance that allows her to carve a special niche for herself.

Shaurya Dugar

As an all-rounder Shaurya Dugar quite literally portrays how an individual can create the perfect balance between academics, co-curricular, and responsibilities. As an avid coder, he is currently designing an application to ensure social empowerment. In his attempt to utilize his scientific knowledge, Shaurya is currently interning at BMCH. He is a football enthusiast and often participates in numerous MUNs.


After owning more than a decade of experience to his name, the artist design filmmaker Lalon indeed does merge disciplines from the industry of educational content development with those from the creative industries in India. After having worked closely as the visiting faculty with NID, UID, and GIM, he also didn’t forget to spread his ideas all the way to international creativity workshops in Germany. Along with these numerous achievements, Lalon has had a great impact around the country, post his two successful years as host of the Zee TV show “Art Room”. He truly portrays how a man can be limited only by his imagination!

Venil Ali

Venil Ali started out as a hesitant college student completing her required hours of social work – and ended up making that social work her career. Passionate about teaching, Venil Ali was the founder of an after-school center called LEAP (Let’s Educate All People) in 2008. She managed to educate about seventy students from the slums. Later, in 2009, she joined the Teach for India not-for-profit organization as a fellow, teaching grade 3 students in Mumbai. Motivated by the work she could do as part of Teach for India, she joined the City Operations team in Mumbai, going on to become a Senior Program Manager and then City Director for six years. With a decade of experience at Teach for India, Venil Ali transitioned to Lido Learning, an Ed Tech company which is employing technology to increase students’ access to education.