Mischa Dohler

A full professor in wireless communications at King’s College London, a serial entrepreneur of startups including Worldsensing and Moving Beans, a composer and pianist with five albums on Spotify and iTunes, a polyglot fluent in six languages, an author, and a frequent keynote speaker and panellist, there is little that Professor Mischa Dohler cannot do. A distinguished member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and an eminent telecommunication engineer and professor in Europe, Mischa Dohler holds a dozen patents and has more than 200 highly-cited publications. If those numbers aren’t astounding enough, he has pioneered the vision of the Internet of skills and is working on making 6G technology a reality. His repeated appearances on BBC, Skynews, and WSJ are only a complement to his innumerable accomplishments.
Professor Dohler will be speaking along with his daughter Noa.

Noa Dohler Guilera

Noa Dohler Guilera loves music, maths, computer science and business. She is an accomplished musician. Being a regular child performer at the Royal Opera house and having sung alongside Madonna for the album “Madame X”, she is currently composing her first album.

Manasi Mehan

Manasi Mehan is the co-founder and CEO of Saturday Art Class, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the upliftment and improvement of children from low-income communities all across India. Given that art is a universal language, she decided to use the medium of art to equip them with life skills that no school could ever teach. Manasi, who holds a masters in sociology and is a Teach for India alumna, is currently a part of the Gratitude Network Fellowship and the 2020 Global Social Benefit Institute JumpStart accelerator program that works to build leadership while accerlerating growth in social entreprenuers as well as women.

Sonal Goel

Featured in the list of top 25 women who are transforming India by Niti Aayog and the United Nations, Ms. Sonal Goel is an IAS officer who has dedicated herself to the service of our nation for more than a decade. She believes we can all contribute to our society, and all efforts, big and small, matter. An alumna of the prestigious Sri Ram College Of Commerce, Ms. Sonal is presently posted in Haryana as administrator HSVP and is the CEO of FMDA Faridabad. With a masters in public policy, she will inspire us all forward with not only her legal, administrative and financial expertise, but also her passion.

Rohit Kulkarni

Rohit Kulkarni is an Indian Music Composer/Producer/Keyboard Programmer/Arranger who has produced music for some of the most brilliant minds in the Indian film Industry. His passion for musical arrangement has been valued by the Bansali production, Vinod Chopra Films, etc, and has led him to work at top Ad Agencies and Production Houses like O&M, HTA, and Leo Burnet. Featured in films and tv like Mary Kom, Wazir, Everest, and ads like Macroman and Renault, his music is a product of his distinguished craftsmanship and passion. Kulkarni began his musical journey as a pianist and has now prospered as a top-notch producer with expertise in diverse genres.

Harinder Sikka

The author of the book “Calling Sehmat”, which has chalked up success at the box office as a feature film ‘Raazi’, Mr. Harinder Sikka is also a former Lt. Commander. From being a prolific writer, who has written a soul-stirring story ‘Vichhoda’ as well, to a keen golfer and polo player for the Indian Navy, he seems to do it all. With nearly three decades of experience as a group director at the Piramal Group, he produced a film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’, bagging three national awards. He has been awarded by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group, Paris and is also recipient of ‘The Indira Super Achiever Award.’ The uncountable achievements under his belt show that Mr. Sikka is a figure of dedication, perseverance and diligence.

Aadil S. Chagla

Professor Aadil S. Chagla has remarkable achievements in varied fields. He is one of India’s topmost neurosurgeons with over 100 National and International publications & presentations, four of which were recently presented at the Special World Congress of the WFNS. He runs a charitable trust in his father’s memory “Shaukat C Chagla Memorial Trust”. He is a keen sportsman; represents the prestigious Bombay Gymkhana in cricket; featured in many victories in prestigious cricket tournaments at the school, college and club levels such as the “A” div Kanga League. He has played alongside with Gavaskar, Vengsarkar, Kalicharan, Jaffer, Tendulkar, Kambli & Rane; recently, represented INDIA in the veterans World Cup; He has also excelled in Athletics & Badminton; received awards for Art and Music (Piano Forte) during his school and college days, secured a perfect 100 at the Trinity College of Music exams; a proficient musician even won the All INDIA Mood Indigo Beat Group Competition; His driving skills won him car rally in the classic cars category in a Humber Hawk; clocking fastest time in all categories on the return stretch. Prof. Chagla has directed shows at the famous Sophia Bhabha and St. Andrews Auditoriums.

Adviti Mishra

In grade 12 at The Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai, Adviti Mishra is a true leader with numerous accomplishments and leadership positions under her belt. From spearheading initiatives including ForHisStories and ForHerStories that positively impact the society to becoming president of the Interact Club and co-head of the database team at CAJCS, Adviti has shown her passion for leadership and innovation. While her interests span from robotics to playing the guitar, she is also a beginner long- distance runner who has organised various fundraisers and taught schoolchildren to create a positive change in our society.

Pranjal Gehlot

A student in grade 12 at Neerja Modi School, Pranjal Gehlot has co-founded Project Milan, an initiative to combat loneliness in society. In addition to having experience as a TEDxKids curator, she is also an avid reader and soccer player. Not only is Pranjal a leader on the field, she is also a debater and holds an international rank in a Spell Bee competition. Her interest in science has led her to conduct research on gravitational waves using real LIGO-Virgo data. With wide, varied interests, she aims to inspire people to rise to the challenge.

Khushimita Dhabhai

Khushmita Dhabhai is a 16-year-old NMSite and a political polemic. She has conducted research on the exercise of statecraft during periods of war, in peacemaking, and on the influence of ethics in international affairs. She enjoys reading about the diplomatic history and the political philosophy that defines our ‘multiplex’ world. She is also the founder of Project Laksh- a social initiative aimed at empowering underprivileged girls. As chief-mentor, she established a web of student-volunteers who facilitated the girls’ education in fields like the social sciences, mathematics and poetry. Being an ardent lover of Yeats and Tagore, Khushmita is also the winner of a state-level poetry slam and has performed her works on numerous platforms. Moreover, she is very passionate about theatre and has bagged countless laurels for the same. Indubitably, Khushmita Dhabhai is stationed, firmly, at the intersection of both literature and the social sciences!