An amazing line-up of influential speakers and an ever-widening spectrum of diverse and unique ‘ideas worth spreading’ were a part of 2019’s theme: “Chain Reactions”.
A ‘Chain Reaction’ is the propagation of ideas, beliefs, and events, starting from a seemingly insignificant stimulus that goes on to create an impactful revolution.
Our everyday actions create consequences that have the ability to change, not just us as individuals, but also the society we live in. TEDxYouth@NMS 2019 demonstrated the power of a single word that can create echoes loud enough to begin a change. The event celebrated aspiring change-makers whose actions began the ripple effect into an ocean full of change.

The Emergencies We’re Ignoring | Manya Gupta
Spot the Sparks | Shania Pahuja
Do What Your Mother Did | Kaveree Bamzai
Be Creative, Be Happy | Lalon
Creative Fission | Cedric Serpes
How small choices transformed my career Trajectory | Venil Ali
The Art of Not Excelling | Shaurya Dugar