Imagination supports our ingenuity, enhancing all facets of our mundane life. Moreover, the greatest tool for ingenuity is academia. Both are in unison in achieving successes in life. If ingenuity was a body merely structured by an unimaginable, academia would be the foundation of these unstaged conceptions. TEDxYouth@NMS in 2018 was those events which conveyed life-changing notions in the form of exhilarating talks which not only influenced young minds greatly but also enabled the audience to visualise beyond ordinary. The talk included speakers like Vaidehi Savnal, Shail Goyal, Reena Sengupta, and Dr Gayatri Menon.

Failures are Stepping Stones | Chetanya Golecha
Let’s Talk About Periods | Ananya Maskara
A Filmmaker’s Guide to Decoding Social Division | Seema Sengupta
Snakebite Burden in India | Priyanka Kadam
Communication in the Post Truth Era | Sumit Pande
Everyone is born with Creative Instinct | Shail Choyal
Life Lessons – through a squash player’s eyes | Abhilasha Bhasin
How can schools nurture creativity? | Gayatri Menon
India and The World : A History in Nine stories | Vaidehi Savnal