October 12th, 2015 was the day when the first-ever TEDx youth event was hosted in the premises of the glorious Neerja Modi school. Based on the theme of “social entrepreneurship,” it successfully fulfilled it’s motive to spread ideas and to build a clearing house of free knowledge. While Esha Bhardwaj, the founder of Girls For Tomorrow, invigorated the audience to voice their opinions, Reema Nanavaty put light on how to become self-reliant. Meena Aswani, a Nishchay scholar, shared her relentless struggle and inspirited the listeners not to be capitulated by their circumstances. The event ended by moulding the participants’ behaviourism.

Go Green, Go Organic | Mr. Ashmeet Kapoor
Becoming a Girl of Tomorrow | Ms Esha Bharadwaj

Being Action Hero | Ms Jasmeen Patheja
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Change Makers – The Journey | Ms Soha Moitra
A Quest for a Better Life | Ms. Meena Aswani
Reign of Heritage, Necessity of Future | Ms. Shaiwanti Gupta
Eyes, Island & Archipelagic Angles – Different ways of seeing | Ms.Tasneem Khan
In Sisterhood and Solidarity We Fight Poverty | Ms. Reema Nanawaty
Building a Community of Changemakers | Mr. Vishal Talreja